Student Art Entries

Please submit your 2023 Student Juried Art Entries by November 8th – Scroll DOWN to submit an entry!

MEDIA – Acceptable media is any material that is being used for (at least) the second time.  All works must contain a minimum of 75% recycled material.  A good criterion for choosing materials is: if the given material was not used in your object of art, it would end up in a landfill or recycling bin.

MEDIA SUGGESTIONS – Old toys, jewelry, machine parts, electronic parts, old lumber or home construction scraps, papier-maché from old newspapers, collages from old magazines or photos, packaging materials, or broken containers.

CATEGORIES – The Student Competition has three divisions; Children: Pre-Kindergarten to the 2nd Grade; Youth: 3rd Grade to 4th Grade; Older Youth 5th Grade to 6th Grade; and Middle School: 7th – 8th Grade to High School: 9th – 12thGrade

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS – I try to be as flexible as possible with the submission timeline; however, it is helpful for us to have an idea what is coming so we can allocate space appropriately.  Please inform me what you have to exhibit by November 8th or earlier.

SALES OF WORK – All work may be sold, and you may list a price on the work’s identification card and whom to contact to purchase the item.  We will take the telephone number of anyone interested in the work and forward it to you.  Any sale is strictly between you and the buyer.

IDENTIFICATION TAGS – Please supply a piece of paper or card identifying the school, class grade and any other pertinent information.  Identification labels are available for art, however it is often nice if classrooms provide this themselves with a brief history of the project.  Labels should include student name (if desired), school and grade.

DELIVERY AND PICKUP – All work accepted into the show must be received on Friday, November 10th. You may bring it the Convention Center ballroom between 12:00 and 5:00 P.M.  Works must be picked up Sunday November 12th.  between 4:00 and 7:00 PM.  If you are absolutely unable to deliver your work during the above-specified times, please contact us to make other arrangements.

DEFINITION OF RECYCLED – All work displayed must be original, at least 75% recycled/re-used, produced by the exhibitor, and the artist must be present during the entire market. Our criteria for recycled is using elements that were originally manufactured and would be thrown away, if it were not for your creativity to reformat it in a manner different from its intended original use. A good criterion is that the materials you use are considered junk, or would have ended up in the landfill if you hadn’t rescued them for art. For our purposes, materials from nature such as rocks, sticks, leaves, bones, dirt, water, etc. are not recycled.

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Student Juried Art

    If work is for sale, please note above the name and contact info for the potential buyers to follow up to make their purchase.