Definition of Recycled Art

All work displayed must be original, at least 75% recycled/re-used, produced by the exhibitor, and the artist must be present during the entire market. Our criteria for recycled is using elements that were originally manufactured and would be thrown away or recycled, if it were not for your creativity to reformat it in a manner different from its intended original use. A good criterion is that the materials you use are considered junk, or would have ended up in the landfill or recycling center if you hadn’t rescued them for art. For our purposes, materials from nature such as rocks, sticks, leaves, bones, dirt, water, etc. are not recycled.

Art Market

The Art Market consists of 85-95 vendor booths with artists selling their original recycled art.  Applications for the 2023 art market are now OPEN. Applications due September 30, 2023. Learn more and apply online HERE.  

A completed Special Event License must be a part of your application, download a blank form here Special Event License - Artists.

Adult Juried Art Exhibition

Do you want to be an artist in the festival, but aren't ready to have your own booth yet?  The Adult Juried Art Exhibit is a great way to still be a part of the fun.  This gallery-style exhibit is up throughout the weekend. Applications are $35 for entry for 3 different art pieces. Applications are due October 13, 2023. Learn more and apply online HERE.

Student Juried Art Exhibition

Calling All Student Artists!  The Student Juried Art Exhibit takes shows recycled art made by Santa Fe area pre-schoolers through high-schoolers and will be on exhibit in the main lobby of the Santa Fe Community Convention Center during the festival.   It is free to enter, but classrooms and individuals must register in advance. Applications due November 8, 2023. Learn more and register for the 2023 Student Art Exhibit HERE

Trash Fashion & Costume Contest

The Trash Fashion & Costume Contest is BACK!  7:00 pm on Friday, November 10th.  Come strut your recycled-fashion stuff on the catwalk!  It's free to enter, but you must register in advance.  Applications due November 3, 2023. Click HERE to learn more and register for the 2023 Trash Fashion & Costume Contest!

Recycled Art Waste Exchange

Please click here if you have discarded items that you think a recycled-material artist would be interested in or if you are a recycled-material artist and you are looking for source materials for your art.  We'll work to connect donors and artists and to keep items out of the landfill.