Past Artists

Laurie Adams Fantasia Mosaics mixed media mosaics on recycled cabinet doors, used lamps & floor tiles, hand cut tiles from china plates, old cabinets
Mary Alvarado mixed media mirrors w/ recycled fabric frames made from sculptured, discarded clothing & fabric, glue, paint, found objects discarded clothing, foam insulation, misc. found objects
Julie Anderson Costume Salon puppets, masks, purses, gypsy coats, scarves, vintage recycled jewelry fabric scraps form local fiber artists, etc
Michelle Aruldoss sign made from foun dwood and license plates, jewelry dumpsters, garage sales, fleas, estate
Martha Jo Benson MJB Designs jewelry from old clocks and found objects- watch parts father’s watch parts, objects, etc- from his store
Mitch Berg Wired Glass, Fused glass combined w/ found objects (a lot found in SF river bed!), fused glass Found outdoors or scrap yards
Marianne Bernsen necklaces, earrings, bracelets found objects, o-rings from plumbing, metal junk, etc
Pavala Bonavitacola Cactus Rose
Vicki Bouffard A Stitch In Time junk art, angels, dolls, aprons, purses, etc thrift, habitat, junk, yard sales, etc
Robert Bracketti fetish fashion fine art. Constructed from brass, copper, chrome, silver and aluminum disgarded metals thrift stores, garage sales, etc
David Bruce Weathered Wonders bird houses old junk wood, etc
Joe Buffalo Nickels
Ernesto Burciaga rag rugs, tote bags old blue jeans
Briget Campbell Ghetto Goldilocks reconstructed men and women’s clothing donation/thrift, etc
Gilbert Candelaria Candelaria’s Art, converting small appliances into nigh tlights, trash objects into wall sconces, intersting works of art broken small appliances, scrap metal, glass objects, etc
Karen Canino Screen Door Studios bottlecap jewelry, recycled sweater products, “cuffies”, felted childrens sweaters, boots, purses, hats, scarves, beads, leg warmers old sweaters, bottlecaps
Kenny Chavez mixed media rusty metal wall art metal cans, bottles, junk, photos
Julia Cizeski paper mache barn owls receipts, rolling paper, scrap paper
Cynthia Cook mixed media constructin utilizing hand cut, chased and repossed can metal, discarded glass and industrial debris mostly cans
Jennie Cooley recycled dolls garage sales, donations, etc
Judith Daley Wabisabi Wares recycled Asian vintage textiles into wearable art – kimonos, haori, obi into scarves, bags, jackets, vests, etc/fabric Asian Vintage garments
Christine Marie Davis jewelry made from smashed vintage buttons and other salvaged metal salvaged metal, thrift, ebay, etc
Mihwa Dawson Dawson Designs recycled titanium metal, handmade earrings/pendants titanium
Lisa Joyce deBurlo Lisa Joyce Designs handmade felt hats & accessories preo-consumer waste (scraps from manufacturing process)
Kristin Diener foundobjects jewelry/adornment/metals trash, streets, gifts, dump
Kat Dison sculptures, illustrations and home décor from found objects thirft stores, recycling bins, street litter
Ronda & Randy Doughterty recycled steel with glass junk yards, scrap, etc
Douglas Duffy welder, sculpture, yard art junk yard, dumpster, scrap metal
Linda Ellis jewelry, assemblage, tin shingle artwork trash, junk, thrift, etc
Patricia “Trish” Fabrello Patrician Creations small accessories, jewelery using found ojbects, old jars and salt cellars become trinket boxes with buttons and bits as lids old necties resale shops, junk, friends, etc
Geri & Paul Fisher Cardboard Sea pillows, quilts, bags vintage textiles
Darlene Fortier CasaCasa Art House recycled wearable art from found and vintage objects and bicycle parts to create contemporary lust bike shops, dumps
Julia Fullerton letterpress recycled stationary 100% recycled cotton cardstock
Paula “Pea” Garvanian solar-lit art lamps castoffs
Brian Gebert BG Sculptures Mix metals, Shovels, Rakes Railroad spikes, Licence plates, Knife fork spoon and turn into yard … scrap yards, flea markets, yard sale
Thalia Gibbs-Jackson Phoenix Eco-Fashions Upcycled clothes yard sales, thrift
Marshall Girard flat and 3D work made from used cans everywhere!
Alexander Kori Girard wall sculpture, masks, dolls found wood scraps, found fabric scarps
Holly Goldstein, recycled glass and found object assemblages, jewelry, misc items recycled glass, metal
Lorraine Gonzales “Chiefy” Chiefy Ware Tin men and animals – crosses- Back scratchers cans, forks, medical supplies
Matti Graham Art Street, Various recycled art made by nonprofit supporting homeless artists
Todd Hansen paper and fabric arts with a peace theme paper, fabric, ephemera
Meg Harper acrylic paintings on reclaimed corrigated tin roof & other recycled materials left over from remodel jobs, etc
Becky Hawley Becky Designs journals made of old papers, mixed media artwork, with vintage book pages and misc materials on old wood thift stores and local recycling center
David Holstrom 2D cars and framed, raised portraits using recycled and stuff given to me wood from construction sites, old stuff in a garage, thirft, etc
Don Kennell upcycled art & furniture scrap metal, salvage, found, thift
Lori S. Kirsch The Vintage Jewel vintage button & toy jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc) vintage buttons/toys
Derk Klein Shipwreck flower sculptures made from 95% recyeld materials using orignal colors of cars, schoolbuses, drums, etc cars, buses, idustrials crap
Levi Koenen The Lost Highway Sign Co. cut up old license plates and reform them itno words, keychains and more recycled wood and license plates
Christine Koenen DDCo Design functional and decorative pieces made from reclaimed wood, glass, found imagery found & donated
Kana Laymon Kana’s Korner windchimes, fused glass art, silverware jewelry garbage, people, thrift stores, etc
Corina Loghee Recycled leather belts, cuffs, jewelry. Shared booth with poetry pot-holders Scrap textiles
Diana T. Lopez upcycled clothing for women including sweaters, vests, arm warmers, hoodies, etc recycled sweaters & pillows
Eliza Lutz Meju prayer flags, eye pillows made from old clothes, curtains, bedding and jewelry made from old bike parts, jewelry & accessories from upcycled bike tires tubes bike store, savlaged clothes, etc
Pat Maines minature scenes, angels, fairies found objects, junk, discontinued items, etd
Marion Martinez TechnaVision recycled computer circuit boards and other discarded technological components- e-waste discarded circuit boards (all over)
Kim Mason Mason Studio jewelry, sculpture mixed media
Melody McConaughy MCM Artworks; shrines/mixed media sculpture, guardians rust/found objects
Steven Meadows S.D. Meadows tables & cabinets from old lumber, junk art from recycled stuff salvage, flea markets
Terri Miller Spare Me recycled tires, cut or blwon tires made into functional wall art mirrors landfill, tire shops, side of the road, etc
Heidi Muirhead Freight elevator move a piano?  Find out dimensions recycled products with fused glass glass scrap
Jean Nichols Art for the Heart (Mountain Ambulance Service) & Upcycled Fashion Recycled fashions, enhanced and recreated from discarded clothes & recycled vases & shrines, altars, refigrerator sculptures, wire sculptures resuse center, thrift store excess, etc
Kathleen O’Neill Kathleen O’Neill, Artist coming soon Recycled metal & remarked (w/recycled ephemera) printmaking everywhere!
Amy Parrish Ruby Regis LLC transform discarded wool and cashmere into fitted cardigans for women thrift store, recycled, etc
Lane Patterson Lane Patterson lamps, figural sculpture, and lampshades made from old metal swap meets, yard sales, recyclers
Rick Phelps Paper Mache Paper – junk mail, trash paper, etc
Karin Platt Karin’s Kitsch handmade bags and accessories made from old records, game boards, books & Ties garage sales/thrift stores, etc
Susan Pratt hand deisgned placemats, salvaged paper, magazines, etc
Tamara Prochorchik This Day Design goovy home accessories junk
Suzanne Quincey recycled glass wind-chimes, etc
Jan Quinn recycled metal, found object assemblage found, junk, etc
Jennifer Radler Monster Booty Threads clothing & accessories adorned with felted monsters eco-fi felt, reclaimed fabrics, recycled clothing, all materials are either recycled or made from recycled materials
Renee Rector wool & wool blends handowven into rugs, scarves, shawls, ponchos yarn from school teacher (thrift store bound, scraps from other projects = hats
Nancy Salas Kaleidoglass jewelry and functional art from blwon glass (lampwork) made out of recycled bottle glass, slumped bottle cheese trays bottles
Moe Sherman Ecomats place mats & mug rugs hand woven from cotton warp, plastic newspaper bag weft newspaper bags
Bud Smoot Bud’s Birdhouses bird houses junk
Marcia Tewell Usedolls sculptures of “dolls” Found objects
Frank Theophani Callazzo found object sculpture, mixed media on found paper, wood, “Gods eyes” found, scavenged, recycled
Bunny Tobias Tobias & Greeley, mixed-media sculpture, jewelery, ephemera collages found objects, blk hole, recycled store
Angelo Torres Angel Torres Artistry mixed media lamps/sculptures work sites, farms, junk yards
Susan Wang Caldera/SCUBA co-op wallets & wall art vintage books, scrap wood
Carol Ware Wamo Studio jewelry from recycled/upcycled materials Al and Sn cans, misc trash
Aaron Werner Voigt Voigt Metal LLC recycled robots, banks and dogs scrap yard, recycling centers, liquidation sales, etc
Ira Wiesenfeld, DVM Circle of Iron Forge found steel objects welded into functional objects, some forged found objects, eg RR spokes, horseshoes scrapyards, farms