Trash Fashion & Costume Contest 2009 Photos

Adult Division

  • First Place - "The Ambassadress" designed by the independent art collective Tet duh Vo The garment is woven solely from orange juice, chicken stock and soy milk containers
  • Second Place - "Samurai 2.0" designed & modeled by Nirinjan Khalsa. Nirinjan graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and has a passion for recycling. This piece is inspired by Ancient Japanese Samurai Armor.  She used an old shower curtain and liner as the base material for her dress as well as aluminum cans, old newspaper, grocery bags and used tinfoil as accent material.
  • Third Place - "Grocery Sack Sass" designed by Katherine Lewis & modeled by Elizabeth Lewis.The dress is made from plastic grocery bags - cut and knitted.

Teen Division

  • First Place - "Espresso Yourself" designed and modeled by Ravenna Randall Osgood.  Ravenna created this perky number from recycled coffee cups stappled together and all collected locally from "The Lucky Bean", "O'Hori's", "Downtown Subscription" and "Starbucks."  
  • Second Place - "Polka Dot Party Dress" designed and modeled by Chiara Brandi.  Chiara created this piece using ecycled target bags that she fused together.
  • Third Place - "A Dress Worth 1000 Words" designed by Annelise Laflamme & Sienna Von Slooten and modeled by Annelise.  The entire ensemble was created from newspaper folded into origami shapes.